Anonymous: Hi! Sorry if you've been asked before, but I love the vibrancy of the colours in your work. Obviously that's due to your skill as an artist, but I was wondering what brand of watercolours you use/recommend? Thank you!

I use / recommend Winsor & Newton watercolors, foreverandalways.


Ninas / ACNE shoes.  Potential / Work in Progress Editorial Illustration: A Step-by-Step guide to Potting Indoor Plants for The Garden Edit.com
September ‘14, Online Store Update:
Introducing — ” Black-List Packages “ 
Zip-Locked for your convenience, each Black-List Package contains original paintings of characters&cartoons from childhood that my parents banned, more information here
x Small sketch for ideas to do with Mapping Melbourne Project. 
Also: http://maryryangallery.com/artists/laurent-de-brunhoff/
Anonymous: Hi, I love your work! Do you have any technique tips for aspiring artists?

" If ya don’t laugh, ya cry "

Work-Breaks — September, ‘14.
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Objects of Interest: Nina’s salads, list writing and walking more.  freundevonfreunden:

Fragments of Daily Life
With a dreamy character and a pastel color palette, Evie Cahir’s drawings feel like they’re someone’s portrait without having to depict a face. Nevertheless, they’re very intimate as they show fragments of someone’s daily life. At first, they pass by as collages but these illustrated assortments are all done on one sheet of paper.
Explore more of Evie Cahir’s illustrations here.

Nice one, Freunde von Freunden!